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Introduction to the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi

Now download the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi 1, which is considered one of the best and most famous strategic games in the world, which is available for free to download and play, in which the story of the game occurs and revolves around the Crusader invasion in the Middle East region in Jerusalem

Salah El-Din Al-Ayoubi game 1 is considered the best and most famous strategic game that you can play because of the advantages and control characteristics and high-fidelity visual and sound effects and perfection

By playing the Stronghold Crusader game, you will get to know a lot of the game’s story, such as producing various materials and manufacturing things such as materials used in the manufacture of weapons inside the game.

Through this game you will be able to put a lot of military plans through which you will be able to play in order to be able to defeat the enemies around you in the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi game has a lot of different strategies and you can control your strategy by determining your resources and the way to use them to develop your economy and your strength Military

Information about the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi

Download now the Saladin Al-Ayoubi game 1 with a direct link and in a small size without paying fees or subscribing to the fun and entertaining games that have won the admiration of millions and famous around the world and the game is known in English as the Stronghold Crusader game

The events of the game take place in the Middle Ages, when the crosses invaded the Middle East, where many different battles took place against the Arabs and the crosses, and there are different characters in the game for the Arabs and the crosses 

The strength of the characters is graded according to the choice of the playing method, such as determining the game settings before playing, and it consists of 3 levels: easy, medium and hard 

There are also strong characters within the game and weak characters, strong characters such as

Lion Heart, The Wolf and also weak characters like The Rat and the Snake

In the game Salah al-Din al-Yobi there are 8 different characters for each strategic character, weaknesses, strengths, and strategy in using the game’s resources and developing them while playing

Ways and strategies for the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi

At the beginning of the game, you should intensively study your resources that you possess to start the process of enlarging your economy and developing the army in parallel while developing your economy and growing up as you through the army defend your hall against enemy attacks

The game must build the fortress that is inside so that the enemies do not reach the building in which the main game character is available in order not to die and end the game where the forts must be built through various materials such as bricks, pits and mines planting around the castle

Pictures from inside the game

You can through the game

Do three main things

  1. Food cultivation and processing to keep residents inside the castle and workers alive
  2. Build fortress and place mines to defend against enemies
  3. And building the army and developing strategic plans for attack and defense

Features of the game Saladin Al-Ayoubi

  1. Through the game, you can create different and varied strategies that enable you to defend and attack, to develop your skills and increase the sharpness of the strategy's intelligence and your tact
  2. The game teaches you teamwork, as in the game you join a team and through that you learn the spirit of cooperation with others in the different games in which there are alliances
  3. There are many different stages in the game, ranging from easy to difficult, and gradient in difficulty as well on how to invent your strategy and develop your skills in building resources within the game
  4. The game has a lot of maps and characters. You can also play the game Salah al-Din online by downloading the game ranger program, where you download the program and choose the game from among the different games to start playing with your friends or through the multiplayer feature
  5. The game is characterized by a lot of countless features that made it on the throne of strategy games, especially computer games

The requirements for running the game Salah El-Din Al-Ayoubi, the first part

Processor: Dual core -2 GHz
Ramat: works at 128 MB
Screen Card: 64 MB
Space: 850 MB space
Systems: Windows XP -Win Visita -Win 7 -Win 8 -Win 10
License: Freeware
the size : 500 MB
Official site: fireflyworlds

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